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Every hitter is unique 

From beginners to advanced levels, softball and baseball players come in all sizes and shapes with a unique set of  skills to help their team win games.  

My teaching philosophy is simple: I work with each player as a unique individual with a specific set of mental and physical talents. So, I customize drills based on their skills, age and competitive level.  

By listening to my clients' concerns and goals, and paying attention to the uniqueness of their swing, I strive to maximize their hitting skills and adjust the mechanics of their swing based on their body and unique style.

My goal is to help each player developing a comfortable and natural swing that produces strong and consistent contact with the ball. 


If it works, it doesn't need fixing

As a coach and hitting instructor in the Cleveland area since 2010, I’ve provided the tools and guidance needed to help my players excel as hitters. Gathering visual and statistical information is part of my teaching process. Numbers don't lie. Using video and metrics generated with SwingTracker and Hit-Trax, I like to record and track the progress of each of my players. That's why, I create a metric baseline for each player during our first session. Creating a metric baseline  allows me to breakdown each aspect of their swing and focus in improving one part of the swing at a time as I track their improvement.  Get in touch today to find out more and to reserve your spot today.


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