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Customized Lessons

All lessons are 30-60 minutes long based on the skill that we are working on and age of player. Most lessons are taught at a small practice cage in my garage, but some are taught at D-bat Cages, and we will also do live batting practices at local fields, based on weather and fields schedule.

The first lesson is about connecting with and getting to know the player's goals, expectations and concerns. Getting on the same page, and establishing a comfortable environment to teach and learn are very important when working with young players. During that first lesson, I will create a swing metric baseline using a SwingTracker sensor and app and will go through basic hitting drills.

After the first lesson, I will customize the drills based on the data and the player's goals.

Based on the improvement of the swing mechanic, we will go to D-bat cages to bat machine-pitched balls.  We will also have live batting practice at a local field based on weather condition and field availability. 

I recommend weekly lessons but the right frequency is dictated by the player's dedication and whether or not they can practice at home. 


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Numbers don't lie

During the last decade, technology has changed the way we play the game and the way we train. Besides relying on my coaching experience and instinct, I use SwingTracker when at home and HitTrax technology and pocket radar at the batting cages to create a baseline and keep track of each player improvement.

The video and data that I generate are always available and explained to the player/parent during the session or at the next session. 

The more a player understands their swing, the easier it becomes the process to fix it or improve it.


 Money does not buy results

2024 Individual lessons: 

$30 per 30 minutes

$100 per 4 30-minute lessons package

$50 per hour 

$160 per 4  one-hour lessons package

Session at D-bat Middleburg: Same as above plus batting pass cost

Group/Team lessons: $100 per hour


Optional: $30-50 if you want an extra 30 minute simulated game batting practice with a pitcher and catcher, plus any cage rental if we are inside.

Optional: Monthly membership to SwingTracker App around $5 per month

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