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Get Ready to Hit


Of course, there are free ways of improving your swing. There are ten thousand great YouTube videos. But there are also ten thousand bad YouTube videos, specially if you don't know what's wrong with your swing. There are also expensive ways to do it with pedigreed ex-players and coaches at a specialized facility, when all it's needed is a tee, a net and someone who knows what they are doing and is dedicated to your improvement.

I don't claim any accomplishments as a player. I was an average Short Stop at college a long time ago. I was an above average hitter though. Three decades later, I'm still going to the batting cages twice a week for a workout.  Simply put, I love hitting and teaching what I have learned during the years.

Having played baseball all the way through college, coaching fastpitch softball for more than a decade, and worked with many young players as a hitting coach at rec, travel, school and club levels since 2010, I bring a depth of coaching experience, knowledge, and patience to those who are eager to learn or improve their hitting skills. My home practice cage is not fancy but I don't have overhead expenses to pass on to you. My lessons are affordable and I'm dedicated to your success. Contact me to see how I can be of service to you. 

Image by Josh Hemsley
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